Certification Exams Offered

  • HL7 offers certification testing to help professionals achieve industry-recognized levels of proficiency and expertise. Advance your career and enhance your marketability by adding "HL7 Certified" to your credentials.
  • Each certification exam is composed of 70 multiple choice questions. The time allotted to answer questions for each exam is two hours.
  • The cost to sit for a certification exam is $199 for HL7 members and $350 for non-members. Please refer to our Certification Test Policies for more information about payments.
  • Details are available at www.hl7.org. You can contact certification@hl7.org for any clarifications.

Application Process

    Please complete the certification application online to start the process. The application process is the same whether you take the exam in person or electronically at Kryterion testing centers or online.

    Please allow 10 business days to process your application.

Certification Exams Offered

Please note that HL7 Certification is awarded ONLY by HL7 International.
Kryterion testing centers is a world-wide official partner for certification exams.
No other organization is authorized to award HL7 Certification.

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