Membership shall be available on an annual basis to individuals, companies, public bodies and other entities active, interested, and/or materially affected by specifications in the field of health data acquisition, handling, communication, and processing. Membership of HL7 India shall not be conditional on membership in any other organization or unreasonably restricted on basis of technical qualifications or other such requirements.

Individual membership

  • A person can become an Individual Member of HL7 India in order to represent his/her own personal interests.
  • Individual membership shall be made available to any eligible individual on an equitable basis subject to payment of Rs 5618 (Inc. 12.36% Service Tax) by way of a Demand Draft drawn in favor of “HL7 Healthcare Standard Institute” payable at Bangalore.
  • Attendance rights or discounted prices for members in relation to any product or service shall apply only to the individual member and not to any product or proxy.
  • Individual membership confers a right to vote in any HL7 India ballot in accordance with the applicable balloting rules.
  • The benefits and responsibilities of individual members are personal, strictly non transferable and governed by HL7 India policy manual.
  • All individuals in India who are currently the members of HL7 International are automatically entitled to be individual members of HL7 India with all the benefits, duties, responsibilities and rights associated with Individual membership in India including the right to vote in HL7 India ballot and the right to serve as Officers and Governing Council members of HL7 India. This membership is valid till the end of their Individual membership with HL7 International.
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