HL7 India: Announcement of elections (2015-2017)

Greetings from HL7 India.

This is to inform you all that we are announcing the start of the election process for the executive committee posts of HL7 India for the term 2015-2017.

The following are the posts to which we invite nominations from our esteemed members.

1) Chair, Education committee

2) Chair, Technical committee

3) Chair, Marketing committee

4) Chair, Memberships committee

5) Chair, Certification committee

6) Treasurer

7) Secretary

PFA the nomination form for the same 

Request the interested to fill in the form and send it to me by email.

Please refer to the following dates for reference.


Announcement of the elections: 19th March 2015

End date for receiving the nominations: 12th April 2015 12:00 PM

Withdrawal of the nominations: 19th April 2015

The date of the elections will be announced shortly to everyone of you all by email.

Send all your request / Contact : secretary@hl7india.org